BodyMax (Omni) Selectabell Dumbbell

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An innovative new product that gives you a whole set of dumbbells in one.

Last updated on July 8, 2024 1:38 am

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The innovative design of the BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbell basically gives you a full set of weights in just one pair of dumbbells. There are two variations of this product, one goes up to 25kg while the larger dumbbell goes right up to 32.5kg.

Key Features:

  • Several different weights in one dumbbell
  • The UK’s best selling dumbbell
  •  Change weights at the turn of a dial
  • Can be bought individually or in pair
  • Two variations available, a 25kg selection and a 32kg selection

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Design features

The BodyMax selectable dumbbells are adjustable, and this is one of the key design features it possesses that makes it unique. So much effort and care have been put into the design to make it look unique and flawless.

The dumbbell is configured in a way that will enable gradual alteration in the weight. The lighter weight plates are placed at the end of the dumbbells, thereby making it possible to adjust the weight by 2.5kg rather than 5kg. This arrangement will result in continuous and apparent improvement.

As a result of the way BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells work (choosing the number of weight plates you attach to the dumbbell), it will be helpful to have a rack where the weight plates that you don’t choose can be placed.

Each dumbbell has a handle that is comfortable to hold. You will be okay lifting the dumbbells with or without gloves. It has a design that is better than most of the dumbbells in the market.

You can purchase also purchase the BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells with a rack which has been specially designed to hold the weight plates for these particular dumbbells.

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Exercise Ideas

One of the considerable advantages of having a decent quality arrangement of dumbbells is the variety of exercises one can perform with them. BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells have been designed to fit with a range of workouts perfectly.

Both the lower and upper body exercises are possible, and also both isolation and compound movements can be done with this product.

Some of the exercises possible with these dumbbells are listed below:

  • Hammer curls (Biceps, Brachialis)
  • Lying tricep extensions (Triceps)
  • Overhead tricep extensions (Triceps)
  •  Tricep kickbacks (Triceps)
  •  Lunges (Quads, Glutes)
  • Dumbbell rows (Back)
  • Dumbbell curls (Biceps)
  • Side lateral raises (Shoulders)
  • Shrugs (Traps)
  • Seated shoulder press (Shoulders, Triceps)
  • Bench press (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)

Description of BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell Dumbbells

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells will combine perfectly with other gym products you already have. It comes with a new, sleek and modern design. It has an impressive weight range and can be adjusted between 2.5Kg and 25Kg. The adjustment can be made adding or reducing 2.5kg weight just like it is done in a commercial gym.

You can quickly adjust the weight with a simple button. By holding the button and twisting the dial, you can change the weight to that of your need. This product is also essential when you are considering your space and time. It doesn’t require much space to workout using this equipment.

You can purchase the 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells with the rack, in pairs or individually.

Product Info

Powerhouse Fitness sells this product for a pocket-friendly amount of £249.00 on Amazon. It comes in two (2) colours – grey and white. It has a pair of the dumbbell of 25kg each which total 50kg. The dumbbells are adjustable which makes it have an advantage over fixed-weight dumbbells.

SelectaBell Dumbbells vs. Fixed Weight Dumbbells

In spite of the fact that there are arguments for and against each kind of dumbbell set, it’s hard to decide on which set is superior to the other. Everything depends on your requirement and preference.

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells will consume less space compared to different pairs of fixed weight dumbbells. At the same time, it will be easier and quicker to switch between different weights of fixed weight dumbbells which will suit training such as drop set.

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells will use up less space than different sets of fixed weight dumbbells. This product is the ideal for you if you are considering space or want to move your dumbbells to another location. The advantage of the selectable dumbbell is that its weight is adjustable and can be quickly moved from one place to another. Unlike the fixed weight dumbbells where the whole set will have to be moved around.

Why I Like This Product.

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells are well-constructed dumbbells and are durable. The adjusting technique is simple and easy to use. The product is reliable and will last for a very long time. All the weight plates are expertly attached to two dumbbells, and that will help to save space. It has the edge over fixed-weight dumbbells. It looks beautiful and compact. It is cheaper than other similar products of the same quality, and it is straightforward to use.

I so much like this product. I have tried different dumbbells, and I still use this particular one every time. The design is so good that it feels cool when trying the most massive weight. It is an excellent dumbbell.

The Bodymax Selectabell dumbbell usually comes with free UK delivery, is easy to use and is manufactured by Bodymax.

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+ Positives:
  • Saves a huge amount of space
  • Saves money

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BodyMax (Omni) Selectabell Dumbbell
BodyMax (Omni) Selectabell Dumbbell
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