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The Bodymax B2 is a stationary indoor exercise bicycle that has an overall appearance that resembles a sports bicycle without real cycle wheels; it comes in dissemble parts and is designed to be installed to fit into any good workout area.

Following the help of the assembly guide in the user’s manual, it should take just around 30 minutes to assemble this equipment for use, and it stands at the height of about 1 meter tall and a length of 1.25 meter long when assembled and installed.

The owner’s manual is very detailed with diagrams to show the stages and their expected appearance if successfully fitted, and there is also a safety notice for precautions to follow when using this equipment.

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This spin bike is absolutely fantastic for high-intensity interval training which is a great way to improve your fitness level if you have a busy lifestyle. The stylish structure of the Bodymax B2 has the saddle at a level close to the level of the handlebars to fit the purpose of training for a bicycle race sport. The pedals are positioned to give equal stretch to the legs like a real outdoor bicycle and an LCD in between the handlebars that shows workout parameters.

The pedals on the Bodymax B2 has foot protective straps and are connected by a 2-way bearing and a chain system to a smooth running 13kg flywheel of 0.46 meter in diameter. It also has a 3 step tension adjuster to change resistance strength that serves as more load to the muscles in the leg and improve the exercise effects.

The saddles and handlebars are designed to be adjustable both horizontally and vertically to give the user the desired posture comfort, and the maximum user weight is something around 125kg. It comes in a package with metric dimensions as 109 x 83 x 20 cm and an overall weight of 34 Kg so that it can be lifted by one person without stress.

The posture of the user when cycling is essential to safety and the Bodymax B2 gives a posture that looks like the body position on an outdoor bicycle; the person’s head is positioned ahead of the body, while the person’s body assumes an S-shape with both hands extended forward to reach the handlebars. This body position keeps the muscles alert and stretched out; the spinal cord is kept in a healthy position because the neck, back muscles, and the hips are allowed to assume the same level in position during exercise.

Just like many other stationary indoor cycles, the Bodymax B2 can be used to improve muscle tone, endurance and lose weight.

The LCD device that is installed in between the handles displays the feedback of the user’s speed, the assumed distance covered, the time of the cycle and flywheel revolutions per minute. It becomes more interactive as it also displays the number of calories burnt and the temperature of the system; there is often a telemetric receiver meant to be strapped to the chest for heart rate feedback that comes with the equipment.

The Bodymax B2 stationary exercise cycle provides the user a strong robust frame with stable balance for fitness building and the mechanisms in the cranks casing have lubricated bearings that meet the rigid German Tüv safety standards. There is a water bottle seated in a can holder at the center frame connecting the handlebar area to the large frame where the saddle sits.

The Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycle comes with 2 options of colour, the first being blue and white, and the other black and yellow. Personally I feel that the black and yellow version looks a lot sleeker so I would definitely opt for this one.

The reviews from around the web on these bikes are mainly positive and more reviews can be read using the link below.


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BodyMax B2 Bike
BodyMax B2 Bike

£229.00 £199.00

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